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Jane Worthington was born in the UK in 1969 and went on to study at the Cumbria College of Art and Design from 1986 to 1988;
Jane then attended the De Montfort University in Leicester, England from 1988 to 1991, graduating from Leicester with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A with Honours) Degree in Industrial Design and Engineering.
She now has twenty-five years’ experience and has worked at the forefront of the design world, designing for some of the leading manufactures / brands in the industry.

Immediately following graduation Jane was recruited by "Philips Corporate Design" in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
At Philips she worked on strategic design projects, the most outstanding being the project "Television at The Crossroads" this was to determine and anticipate the future of television.
This project took place at the studio of "Alessandro Mendini" in Milan, where she designed the world’s first wall mounted backlit television.
This was in 1992, five years before plasma backlit televisions were available commercially.
Philips first exhibited the working prototype worldwide in "Culture Temples" such as the George Pompidou Centre in Paris, MAK (Museum Fur Angwante Kunst) in Vienna and DAZ (Deutsches Architektur Zentrum) in Berlin.

Whilst at Philips Jane was responsible for the design of their complete headphone range which received a Design Award for the model SBC333. Jane also designed the Remote Control RC75; Philips patented this particular design due to its logical and user-friendly interface. It became the companies’ world standard from 1993 through to 2007, the production run of this one item exceeded 10.000.000 pieces.

In 1995 Jane left Philips Design to start her own design business "Jane Worthington Design”.
Jane gradually changed the emphasis away from electronics to the design of high end furniture where her iconic, multi award winning designs for Leolux and de Sede were recognised worldwide and gained her the reputation of being one of the world’s leading female furniture designers.

Jane also has 20 years’ experience lecturing in design. She has taught hundreds of design students from the Department of Architecture at the Academy in Maastricht and from the world-renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven, whilst there she was also appointed to sit on the examination board.

The International publisher Lannoo commissioned and published a book about her life and achievements.
This book titled "Jane Worthington Designing Life” was sold worldwide selling 3.000 copies.

Jane Worthington Design is currently working on new, high end, furniture designs to be launched in 2020.

In 2019 Jane Worthington started a collaboration with Red Dot design winner, designer Remi van Oers. They united their skills and now form an accomplished design duo. Together they are working for leading brands in the area of electronic, product, furniture , architecture and interior design.
Click here for the website of Remi van Oers.


1994 The Good Industrial Design Award, The Netherlands; SBC333 Series, Philips Design.
2002 Möbel des Jahres Award, Switzerland; ds152, de Sede, Switzerland.
2003 Woon Meesters Design Award, Belgium; For innovation & Creativity.
2006 Nominated for the IMM Innovation Award, Germany; Leolux, Vol de Reve.
2007 Nominated for the IMM Innovation Award, Germany; Leolux, Vol de Reve.
2007 Nominated NEC, Best of the Best, United Kingdom; Leolux, Vol de Reve.

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Magna Pars, Milan
MAK (Museum Fur Angewandte Kunst) Vienna
DAZ (Deutsches Architektur Zentrum) Berlin
Evolution Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Jane Worthington

Creating Designer Products for International Brands.
"I create products for leading international brands who's focus is the uncompromising design orientated customer. My focus is threefold; I aim to create the correct next step for a brand, to understand and fulfil the unanswered desires and needs of the people who buy and use my products, and lastly, to excel myself in my pursuit of innovative and distinctive design in a way unique to myself."

Jane Worthington